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Password Policy

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As a condition of receiving  unique user log-in credentials (username and password) allowing User’s use of and access to AFC Online, User agrees as follows:

  1. My username and password are equivalent to my legal signature, and i will not disclose my password or otherwise allow access to anyone via my username and password.
  2. I am responsible for all actions taken via use of my username or access to AFC online otherwise intended for me, whether intentional or unintentional.
  3. I agree to hold harmless the Alabama Fire College, including its commissioners, agents and employees, from any and all claims, losses and/or damages arising out of AFC Online use via my username or access otherwise intended for me.
  4. I will not attempt to learn or use another person’s username/password.
  5. I will not access AFC online using a username and password other than my own.
  6. If i have reason to believe that the confidentiality of my password has been compromised, i will immediately change my password and notify the Alabama fire college.
  7. I will comply with all other policies, procedures and rules associated with AFC online use, including those that may be implemented in the future.

I further understand that violation of the above terms may subject me to disciplinary action, loss of privileges and/or termination of access, and any legal or equitable remedies available to the aggrieved party.